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Gas Mask Fetish

The management asked a couple of us to find subject matter suitible for  End Times Pre-Party, Pre-Gaming. I started sniffing around this site called Neo Nasty, dedicated to “gas mask fetish.”  In my mind, nothing screams  post apocalyptic wasteland brought by God’s fury like naked girls in gas masks.

Seriously, I’ve heard of niche fetish sites before but Jesus Christ, this is awfully specific. I know what you’re thinking, “Gas Mask sex is so 2009. You’d be right, the site seems  to have only updated content for that year and then nothing.

I fell out of my chair laughing when I read this post.

“Not every girl in a gas mask has to be a slave slut. This sexy chick can be whatever you want her to be. When she puts on her gas mask she becomes so aroused that she has to fuck. She needs to have a cock in that wet pussy because this girl’s gas mask sex is the thing that turns her on more than any other. She loves to get deep dicked and to feel a set of heavy balls slamming against her ass. She runs her own business in the post-apocalyptic world that she lives in. You can go inside and ask for a sexy gas mask slave slut or a gas mask dominant to kick your ass around the room before letting you slip inside her. Which gas mask slut would you like?”

Don’t worry about whether or not this shit is still fierce after two years. When God starts raining toads down on you tomorrow, you’ll all be like “Girls in Gas Masks? I was into them way before the End Times, Where have you been?”

Check out the site before it becomes retro next week.

-Maryanne Faithless

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