I’m Sure It Was A Beautiful Corpse

Playmate Yvette Vickers found Dead

Death by Party | Playmate Yvette Vickers Found Mummified In Los Angeles Mansion

Yvette Vickers, one of the first playboy playmates and star of such motion picture classics as Attack of the 50 Woman and Attack of the Giant Leeches (My personal favorite Yvette Vickers acting vehicle) was found dead in her home… a year after she died… mummified.

If you have attended a Swellco & Swellco Subversive Subliminal Process seminar, you know that time is fluid, and nothing is real. That being said, we believe the photos here are of Yvette Vickers, the real and only Yvette Vickers. This is how we will remember her, this is how we see her. She died a glamorous, vivacious, super sexy Playboy starlet, not a lonely shriveled 82 year old corpse abandoned by the world in a dilapidated Hollywood mansion.

-Charles Baphomet

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