The Joy Of Birth

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Death by Party | Happy Mothers Day 

Dear Mommy,
Your sweet gentle spirit, your warm, tender ways,
The laughter and love that you share;
If I searched the world over, I never could find
A mother who’d ever compare.

rosemary's baby

Dear Mommy II.
You mean so very much to me,
And I want you to know
That you are always in my heart,
No matter where I go.

You’re always giving always there
To help in any way;
The loving things you’ve done for me,
I never could repay.

I can’t imagine what I’d do
Without the love you give.
I’ll treasure your sweet heart of gold
As long as I shall live.

mommie dearest

Dear Mommy III.
You brighten my day with the sound of your voice,
You bring so much laughter and love,
You’re the best Mother ever, and God must have smiled,
When He sent you from Heaven above.

Virgin mother

Dear Mommy IV.
My sense of humor comes from you,
And all the funny things you do;
You make my world a better place,
And put a smile upon my face!


Dear Mommy V.
What would my life be without you?
I’d never have made it this far.
You’re helped me through all my endeavors;
You’re the best! You’re a peach! You’re a STAR!


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