Emma Mae? I Was Into Her Before She Got DP’d

Pornstar Emma Mae

Death by Party | Nerd fuck

Don’t you hate when you find out about about the party the day after it happened?

Or you hear the band you’ve just discovered broke up last year and you’ll never get a chance to see them live or hear a new album?

That’s how I feel about Emma Mae.

How often do you find yourself looking up from your drink across the bar at some cute-but-annoyingly-shrill-hipster who definitely needs to shut the fuck up and take a dick in the mouth (Or a strap on, let’s not be sexist)? Well along comes super cute tattooed Emma Mae delivering those hazy pub fantasies pumping out scene after scene of scenester degradation. And then you find out that although she just entered the wonderful world of porn last year at the sprightly age of 18, she’s already fucking retired at 19.

What is that shit? She could have been a mega-star!

But alas, she’ll forever remain a very cute but slightly obscure, under appreciated fuck actress with a marginal yet devout fan base.

And perhaps, that’s just what she wanted.

-Kevin Dalton


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