I’m Dennis Hopper- Would You Like to Fuck?

Dennis Hopper is not a communist or a junkie

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Dennis Hopper was THE born-to-be-wild man of Hollywood between 1958 and 1983, the hell-raising iconoclast who rode to fame as the “Easy Rider.” He built a legend around his death-defying party lifestyle, and although he had been clean for almost 40 years, died a year ago this weekend after a battle with prostate cancer at the age of 74.

In his prime, Hopper’s daily intake of awesome included 30 beers, a half-gallon of rum and 3 grams of coke. He just assumed he would die young like his idol, James Dean, who introduced Hopper to Peyote while on the set of Rebel Without a Cause. Apparently, that movie was a lot of fun, on and off the set. Dennis and costar Natalie Wood wanted to kick a party into high gear with “all the cool kids” of Rebel without a Cause, so they decided to throw, appropriately enough, an orgy. Natalie decided that she was in, but with one stipulation: she wanted a bathtub full of champagne to bathe in, a wish which Dennis easily fulfilled. However, I don’t know how familiar our readers are with the concept of UTI’s and how women probably shouldn’t bathe in anything but clean water… According to Dennis, it “gave her such a crotch rash she shrieked and had to be rushed to the hospital, thus missing the whole orgy.”

Hopper was the bad-boy sheriff of Hollywood in his day, often carrying around a gun and knife… when he wasn’t running around in the nude like a madman. “I thought I was doing fine because I wasn’t crawling around drunk on the floor,” he told friends. During the ’70s, it was commonplace to see Hopper parading around the streets of Los Angeles totally naked, as were the nightly orgies, with as many as 50 girls at one party.  He was said to proposition women he passed on the street by simply using one line: “My name is Dennis Hopper. Do you want to fuck?”

So, this Memorial Day weekend, we here at Swellco & Swellco propose that everyone remember not only those who bravely fought for our freedom, but also those who exercised that freedom to the fullest. Pour one out for Dennis Hopper at that family BBQ today, just for me.

-Louise LaTease

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