Terrorize With Style

Death by Party | Brutal Knitting Ski Masks By Tracy Widdess

We’re kinda out of winter wear season but every girl knows the best time to buy your winter apparel is in the spring. A girl also knows that in one can never have enough ski masks as a cold weather accessory. Brutal Knitting’s Ski masks are so chic and elegant that they transcend beyond cold weather seasons.

If you’re like me, you enjoy a the mystery and sweatiness a ski mask brings when having rough anonymous sex with random strangers in a bus stop public restroom stall, but want to look good as that fat janitor chokes you out.

Perhaps you are planning on a BTK killer copycat spree but you want to bring your own character and finesse to the victim’s experience.  Why Brutal Knitting even turns a routine bank robbery into the talk of the town.

When I’m tormented by Mind Monkeys or other evil spirits,  I like to scare them off by running through my dark house late at night banging a pot with a wooden spoon wearing a Brutal Knitting ski mask and my naked body greased up in bacon fat.

My point is, ski masks are not just for winter weather anymore.

Be sure to check out their site and buy them out before homeland security or the Mind Monkeys drag them in for questioning.

-Uncle Wheat Toast

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