The Perfect Canvas

Tattoo model, Julie Becker

Death by Party | The Art That Is Julie Becker

Julie Becker is a tattoo artist, model, and straight up stunning.  She renders me an amnesiac and most importantly does what all great art does…turns me into a ravenous dog with the IQ of a parking meter. There are always arguments over what art is and who lives it. Over the past 15 years Julie Becker has lived art. From LA to NYC to Bogata, Columbia she remains one of the best tattoo artists around while possesing one of the all time great bodies for mark making. She defines an extremely important point in time…the one in front of the news rack at 7-11, where I got blue balls and dropped 8 bucks on Inked Girls summer issue. Ya know, the one she is on the cover of.

– Jack McCaddem

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