Hot For Satan

60's sexpot Soledad Miranda

Death by Party | Soledad Miranda: The word for today is- succubus



If you are like me, a middle management failure with a lust for gibberish, hot foreign chicks, and senseless occult films, then there is really nothing better than Italian and Spanish “horror” films of the 1970’s. Equal parts absurd, b-rate, and full of hot lusty devil women…these films touch on just about every type of “-plotation” they can get their invisible budget around. What can be better than a  Baroque backdrop for poorly dressed men hypnotizing scantly clad women into web of possessed desire.

Films like Vampyros Lesbos staring the always hot Soledad Miranda fill my tab…I don’t even turn the subtitles on. I just listen to the absurdity and let her hypnotize me behind an obvious soundtrack, always knowing that the joke is on me. The less subtle Nude for Satan (staring the trashingly lovely Rita Calderoni) works the same kind of atmosphere, albeit, with a camp that strikes like a hammer. Good times amigo…good times.

– El Chacal

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