Slouching East

The best death is a Death by Party

Death by Party | Nose bleeder

All this traveling is giving me nose bleeds…City to city securing the necessities for the Party of The Great Wrath is no small task. Hell, I only speak two languages and my first very poorly. My traveling companion only speaks French and I don’t, not a lick of it. The one thing we do share is the unequivocal rush of cheap thrills. We find each others companionship to be suitable.

It is straight up stupid to calculate the odds of survival during the shuddering last moments. Perhaps it is better to embrace it and burn through your resources like cash at an Indian Casino. The psychologically catastrophic event must be embraced for what it is…you will gain nothing but pure exhilaration. The excitement of knowing that in the very final minutes you are only one of many, within a crowd, united by the coming indifference. All identity will fade, as we, the great unwashed, will spiral in unison…And in the final minutes, suffering under “The Great Dark Hand,” we are all only as strong as our vices.

– El Chacal

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