Featured Podcast: Rock & Roll Rampage #166 Like Going Topless!!!

Rock N' Roll Rampage podcast

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01. Blacktop- Here I Am (Here I Always Am)

02. Butchers orchestra- Don’t ask my why

03. Rock & Roll Adventure Kids- The Boogie board song

04. Troy Hess- Please Don’t Go Topless, Mother

05. Budget Girls- Like going Topless

06. Gary Shalton aka Troy Shondell- The Trance

07. Bobbyteens- Jenny

08. The’s- Woo Hoo

09. Baby Shakes- Shake! Shake!

10. Lester Robertson & The Upsetters- My Girl Across Town

11. The Four Shells- Hot Dog

12. Jennell Hawkins- Money, That’s What I Want

13. Jimmy Rabbit- My Girl

14. The Twilighters- Spell Bound

15. The Bangers- Baby Let’s Me Bang Your Box

16. The Hunted- Sinner

17. Robert Williams & the Strangers

18. Hara-Kee-Rees- Du Bist Nicht Mehr Da

19. The Giant Robots- My New Datsun

20. Mike Pedicin- Burnt Toast & Black Coffe

21. Bobby King- Thanks Mr.Postman

22. Albert King- Had You Told It Like It Was

23. Ike Turner- She Made My Blood Run Cold

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