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Death by Party | Welcome to the new renaissance

Every time a real jump in technology occurs that allows us to express ourselves, people lag behind and a new class of elites are born. Someone invents the alphabet and everyone becomes listeners because only a few learned how to read. Then someone invents the printing press and we have a society of readers and an elite few who publish. Now we have the new age of  social media EVERYONE writes but only a few can program.

The same parallels can be said for visual art. A profession once based on an elite education and limited resources that’s now crumbling as everyone has the ability to create. When you provide the tools to crawl around in the average persons id, who knows what will come out. Actually, if you spend 20 minutes on 4chan, you do know. Salvador Dali never painted a buff dude butt fucking a T Rex, but I bet if he was alive today, he would have wished he did.

-Maryanne Faithless

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