Some People Say Little Girls Should Be Seen And Not Heard…

Death by Party | The Death Of Poly Styrene

RIP, Poly Styrene who died on Monday, April 25th from breast cancer that had spread to her spine and lungs.

This makes me as sad as a crack whore on Easter. I lost my virginity in 1997 in a back seat of a Toyota Carolla parked on Hollywood blvd. I don’t know who’s car it was. The only thing I remember about the girl is that she had a “Daddy’s Girl” tramp stamp. I don’t remember how I got home or who stole my socks.  To this day I don’ know why my nipples were bleeding but I guess (hope) it was because of Daddy’s Girl.

I do remember Bondage! Up Yours! playing on the tape deck while I was whiskey dicking it into manhood.  Fucking Poly Styrene, I tip my 40 to you.

-Uncle Wheat Toast

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