Giant Robot Spiders? Sure Why Not

Artist Francois Delaroziere

Death by Party | Francois Delaroziere’s 50′ Spider Robot

I had a nightmare last night about giant spiders. It was one of those intense can’t move your legs night terror type of dream where a giant black widow was spinning a huge web between buildings. I woke up I google image searched giant spiders with the intention of writing about this fear. But I came across the French robotic artist Francois Delaroziere and totally became side tracked.

Delaroziere is famous for creating huge towering mechanized human & animal art pieces. Two years ago he made international news when he & his company la Machine were commissioned to create a piece for the Liverpool Capital of Cultural Event. The result was La Princesse, a 50 foot fully automated robotic spider. All I can say, is holy shit.

On that note, I’ve got nothing else to say. Except maybe another “holy shit.”

– Jimi Jam

Oh and be sure to check out the the La Machine  site.

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