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Death by Party | I’m Going To Meet Buff Monster And You Should Be Jealous

I’m going to be in London next week for my sisters wedding. Having an ex-pat sibling does have it’s perks. Being in London is going to be extremely cool. Being in London with a shit ton of uptight relatives who are all stressed out is not fun. BUT there is a silver lining and I am mad happy. Buff Monster is going to be having a gallery show in a show two days after the wedding. Which means I will be camping outside of Stolen Space Gallery ready to stalk him.

If you don’t know who Buff Monster is, you probably aren’t a Vinyl Toy Fanatic. If you aren’t a Vinyl Toy Fetishist, you should be. The pink obsessed mohawk adorned Japan fetishist is one of the coolest candy colored pop artists around and if he’s at the London show, I’m going to try and do him even if he’s not into girls.

Check out Buff Monster’s Awesomeness here.

If you are in London, join me at Stolen Space Gallery

-Annette Garcia

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