I Am Not An Animal!

Death by Party | How did we get here?

To start with Karl Marx’s words on the French Revolutions of 1789 and 1848:

“The first time it’s a Tragedy. The Second Time it’s a Farce.”

Marx was not around for the actions of 1968, where “Marxist” revolutionaries world wide staged what would later be mocked as “The third time it’s drama.” These “Revolutionaries” in their limp-dicked efforts and silly camo did little more than shoot out the clocks. There were some groups whom made some noise, The PLO, RAF, SLA, etc. But by that time, the infrastructural elements of covert government actions globally snuffed out the smaller factions while larger ones denounced violence. Today these groups are the stuff of pop culture and useless nostalgia while the tragedies of self worthlessness and terrorism play out with such a numbness that one could say, “The fourth time it’s Reality T.V.”

What’s the point of all of this? Why is this guy giving us politics and semantics? It’s simple…we have become soft…no, softer than soft. Revolutions are not named until after they happen and as we sit around dreaming of some romanticized event to sweep through our lives giving us clarity and purpose we become even softer. Change is under us all the time, there is a revolution taking place right now but we are to bored and infantilized to even muster the ability to deny it. Plain and simple no one ever knows it is happening, but as history has shown us, they don’t start from the top down, they start with a spark, an idea, or a sense of purpose…a realization that things are always changing and as singularities we must become a part of something bigger than ourselves. Something outside of our inter-subjective fog that we must participate in…to feel again…to feel anything.

I am not advocating violence or non-violence but I am attacking blind complacency. After 9/11 we watched and apparently were cool with the Bush Administration turning the United States Constitution into a few post it notes. They were truly the Avant-Garde of our time. They came in with vision and seized power, they were a third party with no affiliation…Ideologues who dismantled our psyche and buried it alive. Jesus fucking Christ, the recent success of Zombie films is not in the vision of Romero’s critique of cold war paranoia but the exact opposite – we don’t fear The Zombies, we relate to them, our empathy channeled into the walking dead. “The Far Right” in this country has been cultivating an ideology since the mid 1970’s, what have you been doing? The Baby-Boomers will go down as the only generation who enjoyed their freedom. They have been excessive, irresponsible, and believe themselves to be forever unaccountable for what they have turned our culture into. They have had their time…Now seize yours. No one over 55 is going to give you a shot, they have infantilized their bookend generations while burning up resources on every level. It has gotten to a point, that in this recession, it is more “tragic” when some white dude in his 60’s loses his job but has plenty in the bank for a second or third mid-life crisis, while the ass end of Generation X have never been given a chance to get going. So wake up and do something, join us, shit, join the Red-Cross but do something before you wake up and getting out of bed is an impossibility…we are a work force of a dispensable service industry yes men who will never get very far until we decide to. To quote Marx one last time:

“Necessity is blind until it becomes conscious. Freedom is the consciousness of necessity.”

Get necessary.

– El Chacal

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2 Responses to “I Am Not An Animal!”

  1. Bandit FunBlood says:

    El Chacal,whomever you may be,I agree with you 100%.
    We are all blind fools if what we live for is based primarily on complacency and the joke that is the 10’oclock news. I’m down with your article.and Not in the sense of being paranoid to the world around us,But instead AWARE of the world around us and our human history,and present to the here and now.The world truly is going to hell and We are players in the exercise,specimens of an experiment,,If we just sit back like lazy lab rats drinking up our poison without a thought to what’s outside the cage we become boring,bored and dim…easily delusioned by our lazyboyz,,perfect fresh meat.
    I believe we should always be ready for total fucking destruction,revolution and mass mayhem at every turn of the way..Of course hoping for the best and keeping are wits,and having fun all the way.Or else what is the point.
    Anyway,Lovely article Sir,,Come down to the club and shee me shometime 😉 <3
    Bandit Funblood

  2. Gretchen says:

    This is not about paranoia or “the man,” such a focus would be pointless. This is about what we can do and how we choose to live. Everyone is not built for change, in most cases people cannot handle it, they may dream of difference but most often opt for repetition. I think the point is to be ready to know the difference in our limits and accept that we fill our lives with bullshit to avoid truth. We are overweight with empty promise and pockets full of wolf tickets. Never even asking ourselves “Am I worth it?”

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