Los Ritos Sexuales Del Diablo

Los Ritos Sexuales Del DiabloLos Ritos Sexuales Del Diablo

Death by Party | José Ramón Larraz – 1982

I really wanted to like this, and I do in a way, but it’s not as good as I had hoped. It boasts some big names in the world of spanish horror and erotic film. Directed by José Ramón Larraz (Vampyres), Carmen Carrión as the…goat…fluffer…? and Helga Liné of too many films to name. Liné is sexy as ever, in a matronly sort of way. Here, pushing 50 she plays one of the leaders of a satanic cult operating in the English countryside. This cult is big into sexuality being the catalyst for summoning the beast and they get their kits off at any opportunity which, frankly, helps to break up the monotony of the rest of the film. There is however a good deal of nice european style here, filmed in soft focus. It can be kind of a nice movie to look at.

-DJ Capybara

Los Ritos Sexuales Del Diablo

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