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Larry Clark Got Me Stuck On Monet Mazur

Death by Party | Why Larry Clark Got Me Stuck On Monet Mazur

I don’t care if her greatest moment came as playing a coke whore in the movie Blow. I don’t care that every other movie she ever was in was terrible. The truth of the matter is when I aimlessly follow women around bars while half conscious it’s usually because because of things I saw while getting totally blotto in highschool.

It was the resurgence of the 70’s raw style that started with a re-tread of the harrowing images of photographer, film director & writer, Larry Clark, then becoming the “Heroin Chic” aesthetic, that eventually softened into a veneer of style. Don’t get me wrong, I know nothing about fashion, I’ll take raw and guttural before any kind of refinement…But I do know what I am unapologetically drawn to…as well as what will destroy me, and I’m good with that.

– El Chacal

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  1. simpson says:

    You write about such a hot chick while still managing to sound like a fag. Still nice pics for us guys.

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