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Vacum cleaner bondage

Death by Party | A clean house means a clean mind

This is the last post of the Acid Squid we have. We are pulling it out like an old piece of wedding cake embedded into a frosted over freezer by an abandoned bride. It’s not his best piece but it’s all we got left. It does in represent two things I will always remember about him. His near obsession with amateur vintage erotica and his hyper anal retentive need for a spotless house.

-R.E. Brown


Oh Hai!  You see I ran out of rope, so let me use the vacuum to tie you up.  Actually, I’m lying, I didn’t run out of rope; I just really like vacuuming, and I figured tying you up “to” the vacuum would make me like it that much better.

To be honest, I do have a fascination, a fondness towards vacuuming.  I couldn’t tell you why, I just do.  I also really like these vintage dirty pictures, so I really hit the jackpot when I  came across this one on the interwebs.  I am still waiting for that day where I come across a whole box of vintage dirty photos; the ones that are on that thick fibrous 120 film.  I do have some dirty photos that have been mailed to me at my job (don’t ask), maybe if you’re lucky I will actually post them one day.

-Acid Squid

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