My God, It’s Full Of Stars

The Devil is in the details

Death by Party | Desire inside

Fire can strike with out burning. Such a statement begs a further examination, contextualize the difference between a slap and a caress…an invitation or an act of predation. Either way when a blaze punches the clouds it will spark lust in any man. In some, pyromania (the most insidious of conditions) in others a seductive fear – mixed desire. Regardless, it is something that all are drawn to, a speeding up of time that brings all to it’s end leaving no imprint.

Here in Los Angeles you can feel it in the air. Fire, forgetting, and The End. This city was built for expiration, we eagerly welcome it, look where and how we live! – earthquakes, brush fires, indifferent mudslides, and all of us eager to burn it all down when we get the chance. The Wrath, consciously or unconsciously is anticipated with great desire and it’s vengeance has been egged on. So fuckin’ bring it already, why the hell else would i live on a cliff next to a fault line?  Oh and some more Russian pussy and an eight-ball, maybe I’ll have a few seconds to enjoy the view.

– El Chacal


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