Poster Child For Clichéd Sexist Stereotypes, Or Living Archetype Of Timeless Beauty Aesthetics?

Pornstar Gina Lynn

Death by Party | Gina Lynn:  Cause it’s time to piss some people off

I guess you could call me a social libertarian. That being said, my answer to the question is going to be, “both” followed by another question; “so what?”

You look at someone like Gina Lynn and you would be a fool to to argue that she  doesn’t foster stereo types and a fool to say she hasn’t done a fantastic job of cultivating the barbie bombshell sex kitten fantasy.

When people gripe about women like Gina, they talk about society, about women’s issues, about issues of sexuality, but everyone always forgets one simple point. Gina is a sex worker. Her appearance and sexuality are her JOB. It is not her responsibility to break stereo types and redefine a woman’s self image. It is her job to create an image of pure male fantasy. She is SUPPOSED to look exaggerated.

Now a lot of people, including most of the people associated with us are going to say the barbie doll look isn’t attractive, she’s had surgery and on and on. Hipsters and freaks will unite to publicly insist that Gina is not their cup of tea. Although my defense of Delilah’s Den went over like a fart in the dark, I still contend you all are lying. Gina is a pro and a product of the free market, if the frumpy art school look was any man’s fantasy, women like Gina would be wearing hipster hawks and fake librarian glasses. It’s simple economics.

Gina has literally distilled this aesthetic down to a pure essence for business purpose, and business is good. We live in a time where obesity is an overwhelming problem. In some parts of the country almost 80-90% of the population are over weight by the time they are 30. Pornography is so overwhelmingly easy to obtain now that real life sexual activity is DECREASING. Why fuck the pig next to you when you can pretend to fuck the fembot on the screen. (Studies show women who regularly masturbate to porn is skyrocketing as well)

With obesity rates rising as they are, I think the population will reach 99.5% gross obesity. When that happens you will see a complete, distinct class of people emerge in our society. .5% will be those rare people (men and women) with thoroughbred bodies whose sole purpose will be to have sex; so the rest of us won’t have to. Yes I am talking about an expansion and legitimization of the porn star as a job society will openly depend on. Just like the adult industry today, all the men in this tiny social class will all have 6 pack abs and 10″ cocks, the women, will all be as physically flawless as Gina Lynn.

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-Kevin Dalton


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2 Responses to “Poster Child For Clichéd Sexist Stereotypes, Or Living Archetype Of Timeless Beauty Aesthetics?”

  1. Fletcher says:

    A very compelling argument. Hipsters put a lot of effort into looking like hipsters and don’t even get paid for it. Although Gina may not be my cup of tea, she is to the masses, sexual perfection. I’ve spent years developing my fingers to type faster, she has spent years developing her figure so it could, well, fuck faster. =)

  2. CoreyK says:

    Love Gina!

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