Gemma Massey, Baked Beans, And You

Gemma Massey

Death by Party | Oh my

She’s outta yer league…and you know it. Now repeat, “She’s outta my league and I know it.” Then learn, that Gemma Massey was discovered while stocking baked beans at a super market. In “The Land of Indifference” this seems like justice to me. There are far too many who step over those believed to exist as peripheral service just cause they don’t have the cash for dinner at Cafe Stella. The closeted vendetta I hold yelps that Gemma Massey is proof of this…this justice. So be good to your bean stocker, or counter, or what have you. Then quit being such a dick and ask yourself…”Paper or Plastic.”

The Revolution is now and I’m ready to go off.

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– El Chacal

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