Fun With paper…?

Sadistic Hentai Origami Art

Death by Party | Sadistic Hentai Origami Art

So, the other day I stumble upon a picture blog. “Fun With Paper,” it’s called. I love making stuff with paper! I love origami! But wait… this isn’t origami at all. What… what the hell is this?

And, days later, that’s still the question I’m asking myself. Who is this guy? Why does he make little hentai girls and pretend to fuck them with his finger or cut off their clits? Why??? While I enjoy the creativity of the projects and the work that goes into them, that’s exactly what gets me: why is there a grown man, presumably in Japan as the photos suggest, that sits at home alone and makes little bloody fairies and pretends to pull off their wings, laughing maniacally whilst torturing the ultimately inanimate pieces of paper? And why do all of the girls he draws look about 14 years old, especially the ones he wants to do explicit things to? And why does he get off on sodomizing a goblin girl with a soap bottle dispenser? Why???

If you can figure it out, let me know. Please. There’s no information on the website at all. Speaking of the website, you can check out the rest of this guy’s photos, *shudder*, here. After you dry-heave, or jerk off to, the pictures below, I attached a video that I can only assume sums up how this guy spends his time when he’s not drawing castrated elves. Sigh…

-Louise LaTease

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