Bridget Bardot= Yes

Bridget Bardot, Don Juan 73Bridget Bardot, Don Juan 73

Death by Party | Don Juan ’73

Don Juan est belle. Don Juan est cruelle. Don Juan est criminelle. Don Juan est eternelle. That just about sums it up.

Here is Bardot in one of her last roles, portraying the female version of Don Juan. In the beginning we see the female Don Juan inviting her cousin (a priest) to come to her swinging bachelorette pad, a submarine houseboat on the Seine, so that she can confess her crimes of seduction and destruction. The list is long. She begins by ruining a morally upstanding politician and then seduces the trophy wife of a macho business man. She then moves on to a sensitive folk musician who commits post coital suicide. Ultimately she seduces her own cousin before running off to her ultimate demise in flames at the hand of the first of her conquests. Gorgeous film. Totally engrossing.

-DJ Capybara

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  1. wanderingw0lf13 says:

    I love the gritty feel of these old movies. it’s somethng that’s kinda lacking in new movies, even the low budget ones. Viva sexploitation

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