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Nobuyoshi Araki Master of Shibari

Death by Party |  Nobuyoshi Araki: Mad pervert

On May 25th 1940, the world was blessed with the mind and vision of an amazing photographer.  His name is Nobuyoshi Araki, or better known as simply Araki.  Snapping shots since his college years, Araki has published well over 300 books documenting his amazing photography.

Best known for his photos of women in very vulnerable situations, i.e. tied to the ceiling using the Japanese tradition of Shibari, he has also taken some of the most amazing photos of people for who, what, and where they are.   There was an excellent documentary put out in 2004 by film maker Travis Close called Arakimentari.  If you get the change, check it out.  I have posted the trailer for it below:

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