Fuck Art, No Son, Fist Fuck Art

Japanese photographer Daikichi Amano

Death by Party | Daikichi Amano Is More Than Genki-Genki

When you are managing something as visceral as the Video Circus subversive test project, you really have to de diligent steering. I’ve found that the sway of the group think easily veers into the farthest reaches of grotesque fantasies almost instantly. While we aren’t afraid like so many sites to examine these urges, I find myself constantly struggling with the steering wheel to stop this site from careening off the road and sinking into a swamp.

The posts on Ghenki-Ghenki are a case in point. Originally Kevin Dalton put one up purely to be obnoxious, boasting his goal to see an entire category dedicated to the Japanese Squid Fetish and it’s purveyor, Daikichi Amano. Two more posts came after which focused on debating the artistic merits. These three posts are our highest ranked on the site. That being said, I still put the kibosh on more Genki-Genki.

Like our decision to cancel the Hard Times Talent Contest, we felt compelled to pull the plug because there is a line crossed between embracing the sick & twisted, and wallowing in it. Recently it was suggested we revisit the debate about whether the mind bendingly wonderful horrible grotesque soul shattering images ofGenki-Genki are art. But I think that’s simply a ridiculous question and to debate his artistic merits is pointless. I present some of his “Mainstream” photo work as proof. No one said genius can’t reside on the dark side, in fact I think most of the time it does.

I like to compare Daikichi’s work to Foie Gras. It comes from a horrible place, it’s made of something gross, it’s completely unhealthy, it is absolutely delicious, and a little goes a long, long way.

You can check out the photography site of this mad genius here.
If you want your brain scarred and your eyes to bleed, you can risk visiting the Ghenki-Ghenki site here

-R.E. Brown

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