Bar Tab Confessions


Death by Party | The best stories come from bars

When rapidly approaching the end we all need to confess, to tell our depraved tales to the only one we have ever really trusted. This priest of forgetting and solace is your bartender. What can be more comforting than one who always knows what you drink while sliding you shots as you babble incoherently about your troubles. More dependable than a shrink this confidant will listen to anything…and yes, you will be judged.

Film maker and Executive Producer Keith Myer’s Bar Tab Confessions is a series of vignetted drunken confessions. With a camera behind the bar, patrons tell their stories. Sometimes funny other times tragic the stories are never contrived…they hold an honesty as they, and their tellers unwind.

Bar Tab Confessions is currently shooting at La Cita in Downtown Los Angeles. For more click here

– El Chacal

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  1. pete kerley says:

    i worked at makos.enough said.

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