Success Does Not Denote Failure

Banksy street art

Death by Party | Banksy: Dear elitist bitch, fuck you

I’m a gentleman. I’ve never hit a woman before and never would. But there are moments when I’ve seriously thought about it. Saturday night was one of them. I was at a party and hitting on this girlie. We start talking and everything is going well. I tell her that I’m really into street art and she gives me this smug “meh” look. I ask her “WTF?”
“That whole scene is dead” she says “Shepard Fairey ruined it and  Banksy finished it off.”

How did they destroy this art form? You know the answer already. By being successful at it. Shepard Fairey makes the Obama poster and Banksy’s movie get’s nominated for an Academy Award.


Talk about a hard on killer. I almost choked her out right there in the kitchen. I’m so fucking sick of the “it’s gotta be obscure to be cool” attitude. Saying that may seem hypocritical since I contribute to Swellco & Swellco but I mean it. Success does not denote failure. There are a million great artists that bust their asses, how fucked up is it that when one hits the numbers, fans turn away. I’m posting some Banksy for your pleasure. Does this look like passé art to you?

-Marcus Aubrey

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