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Death by Party | Nina Hartley

This entry is brought to you courtesy of our month-long homage to Women’s History Month, “The Female Power Project.”

I’m a huge fan of sex positive feminist pornstars. Yes they are out there and no it’s not a contradiction. There seems to be more and more movement towards violent abusive pornography. It’s a trend spawned out of the relative ease to make a dirty movie. Get a video camera, come up with some money to hire a girl for a shoot and wham, any ugly bitter guy can live out his revenge fantasy over not getting a date to the prom. Even as the adult industry becomes more mainstream, the ever increasing appearance of paid rape shoots leads towards a culture of INCREASED of misogyny. The results are giant leaps backwards in the public view of sexual women.

I bring this up because today is Nina Hartley’s birthday, and the world needs more Nina Hartleys. It’s pretty much impossible to say you haven’t ever seen or heard of her. She is in her late fifties and has been making adult movies for decades and decades. She is also an educated, well spoken pro sex worker advocate who engages in regular speaking tours and organized debates on the adult industry and women’s issues.

Nina isn’t the broken, damaged, soulless whore so  many men want their pornstars to be. She is a vivacious worldly lady who loves sex and can convincingly articulate why you should too.

Happy birthday Nina!

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-Marcus Aubrey

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    Hello ‘sunshine” Nina; I’ve always been a very big fan of you since
    1985 or about.
    I want to congratulate you with your birthday.
    I hope you’re going well,
    greetings from Herbert Polane,
    the Netherlands (Europe).

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