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This entry is brought to you courtesy of our month-long homage to Women’s History Month, “The Female Power Project.”

I know what you’re thinking: oh god, this is another one of Louise’s creepy exposés about how she likes furry things. Kinda hot, but mostly creepy, right? But that’s not what I’m writing about today. Promise.

Instead, let me present to you Furry Girl at Feminisnt.com. Furry Girl has not only been making amateur pornography for 8 years, but also owns EroticRed.com and VegPorn.com. Normally, veganism isn’t my thing, and my HIPPIE! DIRTY HIPPIE! alert would be sounding in my head, but I dig this chick, but not necessarily because of her massive bush; wearing a fake fur bikini and nekomimi ears and actually never shaving are two separate fetishes.

Furry Girl is a self-proclaimed former ‘sex-positive feminist’ who tired of trying to ‘shoehorn her reality into a silly ideology like a pair of ill-fitting high heels.’ That being said, she rejects a feminist culture in which any time a women does something ‘bad,’ it must only be because the patriarchy brainwashed her, ‘infantilizing women by teaching them that they have zero responsibility for their actions or ideas. She is an advocate for equality, fighting against misandry and misogyny, and, she just seems downright fun.

In December, Furry Girl made headlines when she took on the TSA, refusing a body scan so they would have to do an infamous “pat-down” on her. She even made sure she had her special lingerie on for the occasion, which she chose to reveal sooner rather than later. Watch her un-cut version of the stunt below.

Rock on, my furry friend. And for more, umm, Furry Fun, make sure to visit her site.

-Louise LaTease

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One Response to “Furry Girl”

  1. Andros Stamou says:

    I do not have a problem with going down on a girl’s bush, but I have no idea how pubic and armpit hair pertains to her equality; I keep mine trimmed because most girl’s prefer it that way. Perhaps I should make some cry about how feminists are sadistically taking joy from emasculating men.
    Every feminist that I know has quickly changed her mind about equality when she made the mistake of hitting the wrong guy, and the guy hit her back as if she were his equal. “Why would you hit me back? I am just a girl! Ouch, I am bleeding. My fucking pussy hurts”, and Etc.
    If you want equal rights, why not consider yourself a “humanist”or an “equal rights activist”? Feminism is nothing than a way for penis envying females to act as if they had a set of cockandballs between their legs. Personally, I think the feminist movement was a great way to get a lot of free-loading females to get their asses out of the “stitch and bitch” circles and pull their own weight in society. More power to you, sisters. Now if only some of you “equal” females wanted to pay for some of your own food and entertainment when on outings.

    I could also go on for another few paragraphs on the topic of body scans and searches, and how the people who are complaining are the same pussies who would never rise up and form militia against the real evils of our society, but I will keep that for another time. …

    -Andros motherfucking Stamou ! ! !

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