The Bitch Of Buchenwald

Ilse koch vs. Ilsa the She Wolf

Death by Party | The Real Bitch of Buchenwald: It ain’t the movies

This entry is brought to you courtesy of our month-long homage to Women’s History Month, “The Female Power Project.”

Why do all the Female Power Project entries have to be about positive women? Men aren’t the only ones capable of violence and sadism.

Ilse Koch… when I type this I really want to type Ilse Kock. It just seems so fitting. She was a baaaadddd woman. Koch was an employee of the Buchenwald concentration camp and wife of the commandant. She was also the loose inspiration of the Ilsa Nazi Fetish Sexploitation movies of the 70’s. (Interesting fact- Ilsa: She Wolf of the S.S. was filmed on the set of Hoagan’s Heros)

Some of the things the real Ilsa enjoyed were and not limited to:
-Riding around the Buchenwald concentration camp in scanty attire and having prisoners severely beaten for looking. Unlike her bombshell movie counterpart, Ilse was not a looker. And considering their situation, I can’t imagine too many prisoners staring in admiration.

-She was obsessed with the tattooed skin of prisoners who were executed. She used them for lampshades, “leather” bound books, knife cases, handbags, gloves, and even a pair of shoes.  “I feel like this human lamp would really bring the room together.”

Ilse koch vs. Ilsa the She Wolf

-Beating her prisoners mercilessly with her favorite whip and forcing them into freakish orgies. Was General Koch not giving it up? Whatchu so happy about girlllllll???

She was eventually busted, and after serving 20 years in prison, Ilse was founded dead in her cell, hanging. Damn.

You don’t really hear about rich bitches having human skins placed all over the house for decoration; it’s always Jeffery Dammers or Gary Heidniks. But I bet with how perverted some ladies mind’s are, more women have probably done as bad, or worse.

I read this shit and I think, “Thank god for the Swellco & Swellco Video Process.”

-Rogizoid “Shatterz” Smith

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2 Responses to “The Bitch Of Buchenwald”

  1. lolguidos says:

    Sorry, but nobody was made into lampshades in WW2. You’re just repeating the paranoid delusions of Ilya Ehrenburg.

  2. Helen says:

    In the US, it is common to refer to a nasty, lower-class woman as “The Bitch Of Buchenwald”. The derogatory term is most often used when a woman of limited intelligence and unappealing personal appearance occupies some minor position of authority, such as town clerk or licensing official.

    When a woman is called “The Bitch Of Buchenwald” in North America, the invariable implication is that the woman in question is from the bottom of the socio-economic order and has been granted some limited power over persons who would otherwise look down at her. “The Bitch Of Buchenwald” carries the connotation that a lower-class woman enjoys—and abuses—her authority over persons from a higher economic and social status in order to settle life-long class grievances and in order to address issues of low self-esteem. There is the further connotation that the woman in question is ugly, overweight, abusive, and has psychological (if not psychiatric) issues.

    All of these forces were at work in the case of Ilse Koch. She was of poor background, uneducated, of low intelligence, overweight, unattractive—and came to delight in her new-found authority over persons placed in her (and her husband’s) charge. The woman was in need of psychiatric assistance.

    Modern-day Ilse Koch’s usually share the dull, disturbed eyes of the original “Bitch Of Buchenwald” as well as Koch’s blank, flabby face. Koch was of a “type” easily recognized today, seven decades after the original.

    As a practicing attorney, I have been called upon, frequently, to deal with modern-day Ilse Koch’s.

    In a homeowner association in Fairfax County, Virginia, right outside of Washington, D.C., the local property manager is a dead ringer for Ilse Koch—she even looks like Ilse Koch, and could be Ilse Koch’s twin sister—and has been openly known to residents as “The Bitch Of Buchenwald” for almost twenty years. The Sully II property manager is a clone of Ilse Koch, and even dresses inappropriately and provocatively, as did Koch, and considers herself attractive, which she is not. Several years ago, I represented a client in which this modern-day Ilse Koch showed up at a hearing wearing a body-hugging gray tee-shirt without undergarments, exposing her nipples. It was unbelievable, and revolting—and the first thing that came to mind the minute I saw this revolting woman was “Ilse Koch”.

    Other notorious women associated with Nazi concentration camps all meet the same profiles—physical, mental and psychological—as the original Ilse Koch. It is a “type” easily recognized and identified by normal people—and normal people instinctively shun “Ilse Koch” types.

    It is all rather frightening, but it does help us understand evil.

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