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Angella Bettis

Death by Party | Angela Bettis: Scream queen

This entry is brought to you courtesy of our month-long homage to Women’s History Month, “The Female Power Project.”

What is it about creepy women that keep me so goddamn interested? The answer is simple, any woman who can kill her cat by chucking an ash tray across the room is good company in my book. Maybe its soothing that my own fits of anger pale in comparison, or perhaps, I have some Freudian drive that demands to be in the presence of powerful women…the type of fatale that can effortlessly say “Sorry I ruined your life,” the kind i find myself drawn to, yet always knowing better.

Angela Bettis is my kind of woman. A scream queen of contemporary horror with a honest to god D.I.Y. streak that drives her away from mainstream film. Unforgettable in the film May, she’s at her most awkward and frightening, and perfectly cast in the remake of Carrie, she wavers between vulnerable and formidable. Through out her roles she is not afraid to get dirty and psychotic. Most recently in Dexter I couldn’t stop feeling my depraved and twisted libido spike and crash as she played a damaged zealot.

So here’s to you Angela Bettis for fucking with my idea of myself in regards to women, and for being so goddamn good at it.

– El Chacal


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