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Death by Party | Surrender Of Divinity

Never underestimate the essence of a gimmick. My father once told me the key to success in life was finding one. Professional wrestling made an industry out of them. Brands evolve as a result of their existence. Most great inventions, like video game consoles or phones that can be used for just about everything, are gimmicks. Whether it’s a failed attempt at re-vitalizing a franchise or it boldly goes where no man has gone before they all have one thing in common, the mark left on humanity.

My favorite gimmick of all-time is the one Steve Martin invents in the movie ‘The Jerk’ that prevents people’s glasses from sliding off them. I love what this represents: the result of what can happen with a good idea. Americans love to dream about holding that winning lottery ticket. Little do many realize that we can control the numbers in the lottery of life with a dash of ingenuity. This movie is a combination of both these elements. Of course there is the aftermath to success that is exposed in this film and the one question it leaves us asking to ourselves: would overnight fame change me?

Surrender of Divinity is a musical gimmick that has really caught-on in Thailand. These guys make black metal and perform pseudo-Satanic rituals on stage. They look like the members of Kiss (another gimmick) except they’re much tougher. On stage, one may recall a band like GWAR (yet another one) however they’re more realistic. I actually see a little of the David Hasselhoff effect (perhaps the biggest gimmick of all-time) as a result of their following overseas. They seem like the type of band that would be big in a country other than their own. Especially a place like Thailand, the most gullible of countries; where most boys don’t even know if they’re male or female. After watching this video it would be very interesting to see these guys in high school. For all we know deep down inside they are the mathlete, watercolor painter, starting quarterback, lead altar boy, and head Boy Scout. But it’s more fun to buy into the notion that these rockers were spit out of the ocean by a primordial creature with big horns and bad intentions. For all we know they may be conscientious environmentalists under that dark leather. Stripped down they are mere entertainers (if these type of things entertain you) and to hide the embarrassment of being into this kind of stuff you can travel halfway around the world to witness it.

By Lou Cervantes

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