My Little Dildo Horn Pony

Death by Party | My Little Pony’s all grown up!

Like any little girl growing up in the 80’s, I played with My Little Ponies. I had every color, shape, and size my parents could afford; some had rhinestones for eyes and rainbow manes, some had little propellers affixed to their chests so their tails would spin as if they could fly, others even wet themselves. I didn’t discriminate against whether they were unicorns or had wings… I just liked ponies.

But, just like me and every other little who girl used to play with these toys, it seems like the ponies have grown up. In fact, 2008 marked their 25th anniversary. So that means they’re, what, about 28 years old now? Perfect. And what behavior is one to expect from a pony in her late twenties that has been in the the spotlight her entire life? Debauchery, a loss of innocence, and disgusted mothers everywhere. Pretty soon, we’ll be reading about how Pinkie Pie got caught stealing an expensive necklace from a Glitter Castle while on the way to Chief’s house for an all-night coke binge and presumably Village People-themed gang bang with the rest of the Big Brother Ponies.

Well… as far as I know, that hasn’t happened yet. But it does seem that the girls have been, ahem, getting around. All you need to do nowadays is search for “pony hentai” or “sexy pony” and your browser is flooded with images of these good-lil-ponies-gone-bad. I want to be disgusted; these were my childhood friends growing up and I guarded my collection with my life. But let’s be honest… it’s pretty fucking hot.

It seems that porn isn’t the only thing these busy girls have been up to. Check out another one of their disgusting, yet amazing, contributions to the pony-loving perverts of the world below. Also, some disturbingly hot and very, very naughty ponies. I think they turned out just fine.

-Louise LaTease

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