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Mary's Club, Portland

Death by Party | Portland’s dirty heaven

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into the all but famous Mary’s Club. I was paid muscle and the job was escorting a Tai hooker who was working for the Yakuza as a mule. She was carrying a suitcase of pearls stolen out of the Pacific Rim and was to hand off the case to some shady jeweler in Portland. Oh how her pouty little suck me lips drove me wild, but she was stone cold and all about the business at hand. When we were finished with the meet, she split without even saying goodbye. After watching her tight little ass wiggle down the street in a barely existent porn star mini skirt, I hoped into my waiting cab and screamed “Take me to the nearest strip club, I got tail on my mind.” The cabbie said he know of just the place and dropped me off at Mary’s Club.

Mary’s was just how I liked it, down and dirty. The gin and tonics started flowing, big tits started bouncing and that Tai hooker who was all about business was just a fading memory. I stayed two extra days in Portland because of Mary’s club. Out side it was raining and in my head things were hazy. I remember nipple clamps, a billy club and a whole lot of ecstasy playing a big part in my initiation to Portland, but most of all, I remember Mary’s Club.

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-Uncle Wheat Toast


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