Creep Magnet

Russian Pornstar Ivana Fukalot

Death by Party | Ivana Fukalot

Ivana Fukalot makes me feel like a creep.

I can rationalize that even though she may look all of 16, she is, of course… legal; And that it’s perfectly natural for a man to find himself attracted to pretty, young girls…

Still, I feel like a creep.

Ivana reminds me of underage countergirl that works at the pizzeria around the corner from me. The one that flirts with me incessantly and shamelessly in front of her father. The same father who leers violently in my general direction every time I order something, as if he knows for a fact that when I get home, I’ll probably rub one out to the image of his daughter before I even take the fucking calzone out of the wrapper. And I probably will.

I shouldn’t feel that way about Ivanna Fukalot.

After all, she’s an 18yr old former high fashion model from Russia who took up porn and corny stage name for the fame and fortune. She’s not some hot nubile 16yr old pizzeria counter girl begging to be taught a lesson for flirting with older men.

No… I shouldn’t feel like a creep.

I shouldn’t.

But I’ve a feeling I’ve a lot of company.

-Kevin Dalton

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  1. Andros the Autobutcher says:

    She does not make me feel like a creep. She makes me feel like a kid, again…

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