Give Me Bobblehead

Naked Girls with giant heads

Death by Party | Pretty Girls With Giant Heads

Some people are into big tits, others like a big ass…
Me? I’ll take a girl with a nice fat head…. some big ole bobble-head jawns.

It probably goes back to my first time.

When I was 11, Mom used to force me to work for tips at the Chinese laundry mat beneath our apartment while she serviced the guys from the Union office next door. Ms. Chen, one of the obese welfare moms who used to give me her cat piss-stained sheets to fold, always brought her autistic bobble-headed teenage daughter, Julie, with her.

While Julie had a slightly skeleton-like body, her head looked like it had been stung by swarm or bees or hit with a shovel across the front and then blown up with a bike pump. I remember being slightly disgusted at first & calling her names, but Julie was actually very sweet for a drooling retarded half-human; plus she liked to take off her clothes in public. Eventually she started taking me in the bathroom to show me things apparently her brothers used to show her, for which I was eternally grateful. Except for the broom handle thing. That wasn’t cool.

In any case, someone told me Julie got a slight head reduction and grew up to be a daytime talk-panel television show host.

Funny how life turns out.

-Marcus Aubrey

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