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It’s Valentines day, the day to celebrate love… It is just as fashionable to bitch about Valentines day as it is to celebrate it, eh-hem, Miss LaTease. I think I want to go another direction. Today I want to profess my adoration to my pretend girlfriend, Belladonna.

Belladonna isn’t the playboy “girl next door,” she’s the girl who lives next door. A cute girl with a sweet smile and an innocence about her. She doesn’t appear to be unattainable, she feels like the girl anyone might have taken to the prom.

What enamors me the most about her, is her ability to retain that innocence.
Most seasoned sex workers have the dead eyes. That long piercing stare, as if they are looking straight through you. I don’t believe the asshole adage that sex workers are dead inside, I do believe they are armored and camouflaged beyond a normal mortals ability to enter. If the eyes are the gate way to the soul, the gateway to a porn star is guarded and closed. However, this isn’t the case with Belladonna, years in the adult business have gone by and still, there is a twinkle in her eye.

The story goes that she was raised in a strict mormon family and had barely had sex when she found herself in her first scene- rough anal. Her second scene- a brutal anal gang bang. She became known for doing things most high end porn stars would say no to- rough face fucking, double anal, fisting. All the while, she STILL retained a bouncy air. She explores some of the darkest, most taboo aspects of sexuality both as a star and a director, and that twinkle is STILL there.

While many interpret Belladonna’s happy vibe for  ditziness, I have a sneaking suspicion that she is a very complicated woman. Because of this, I dedicate my sappiest of Valentines Day wishes to that girl that can take on 20 cocks at once and never loose her smile.

Check out Belladonna at her site
-Kevin Dalton

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