Johnny Love & Adri Law Make The Best Deathface

Death by Party | Build your own love slave workshop

Deathface seems like the type of guy that has love slaves.  I always wondered what it would be like to have a love slave.  The first thing I need is to have long straight black hair to make me look like a sorcerer because, as we all know, true sorcerers have dark hair.  To have love slaves you have to be some kind of a modern day svengali and nothing says svengali more than the true sorcerer look.  I’d even suggest getting some hair extensions if need be.  In the hood they’re not as expensive than the higher end salons.  Of course you may have to go high end if you want to place some dark purple streaks in there.

A pendant of some sort is important.  I’d suggest one that is stolen from the altar of an underground chapel that sacrifices goats.  Many of these chapels are usually found in dwellers deep beneath most Gothic mansions.  While wearing your pendant you must remember to only wear black.  The color black not only intensifies the strength of a pendant’s hidden powers, it also hides what may be the presence of nervous perspiration and we all know that the dominant master never sweats nervously around their love slave.

Finally, when all is said and done, you need a sexy ski mask for your love slave to wear.  Ski masks will help your slave to feel less humiliated as they perform conventional and quite frankly embarrassing acts for you like cleaning the gutters of your roof in broad daylight, scrubbing your foot sinks with steel wool, and cooking holiday cookies for any of your non-pagan rituals.  Always remember to keep a crucifix close by just in case your love slave gets bitten by a vampire and tries to turn you.  Or simply to give them something that will keep vampires away in the first place.  And always know that if you are a dominating master it is your duty to get your love slave checked up twice a year for blood pressure, diabetes, or any other ailment that could deteriorate their health.  Most importantly, remember, the whole idea of having a love slave is to have fun.  Make sure you always have a desirable assortment of great dance beats you both can groove feverishly too as one watches the other mop their floors and shine their dishes.

-Annette Garcia


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