Doomsdayers Holiday

Death by Party | Grails: Fire, and brimstone, and snakes…oh my!

I’m bummed that they don’t sell snakes at the local Occult Shop in my neck of the woods. You would think they’d be a popular draw. Come to think about it, they don’t even sell matches there. Devil worshippers may be some of the most misunderstood people alive. For one, many of them assimilate into society. They also look into worshipping Satan with the same dedication one would have to going to Church. In an odd way, a devil worshipper is more connected to spirituality than somebody that neglects any form of dedicated worship all together.

Devil worshippers are people also. They eat real food (in most cases) and I am pretty sure they would prefer that to eating people, or fetuses, at least in this country. They do seem to be a bit impartial to sunlight; I have yet to see a tan devil worshipper. And while they love snakes, the love of the spider has never seemed to take off in devil worshipping. You can add female pop music to that list. Unless its been done subliminally, I’ve yet to see a modern dad pop diva croon about her love for Satan.

You’d be surprised to find out that most of the bands that make this dark music do not even worship the devil, unless the devil is Beethoven. Members of these bands usually have a classical background and some of these bands, like Grails for example, come from heady towns like Portland, Oregon. The name Portland, Oregon doesn’t necessarily instill the wrath of God inside me. You would think they’d at least tell audiences they are from Parts Unknown, or Hell. Nevertheless the love of Satan has been part of our Culture ever since caves had writing on them. People should have the right to praise anything they want as long as they don’t get too carried away.

By Lou Cervantes


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