I Made Out With Nobunny

Is that a nitrous nozzle in your ass or are you just happy to see me?

Nobunny has been doing his sweaty semi-naked weird thing for 10 years now, touring coast to coast. I’ll be checking out his show in Seattle in two weeks, it’ll be a kind of reunion of sorts.

One of my many true to life claims to fame/infamy is making out with No Bunny a few years back. It was kinda hot and totally gross both at the same time. We were at a party in an abandoned warehouse and some how I became in charge of a big ass nitrous tank.* I had no idea whose party it was, how I ended up there, or who/how I got put in charge of filling balloons. All I know is that suddenly I was handing out balloons of crazy air and people were handing me money, which I pocketed.

Nobunny swaggers up to me in his ratty ass, grimy dog mask and pink panties and says “don’t you know who I am? I’m a god damned rock star.”
Which of course made me ignore him for 20 minutes.
He wouldn’t go away but the fact that was literally standing on my date’s passed out body while he continued to demand my attention made me soften to him.
He told me that he likes to insert the nozzle of the nitrous tank directly in his ass, but then he declined when I handed him the hose. I told him he was “full of shit.” he said that’s why he was declining.

Something about the way he stroked his fake fur beard and the way he kept putting his beer bottle down the front of his panties kinda started doing it for me, (that and I was fucked to the up) so I decided to make out with him. I’ve gotta say, trying to tongue kiss a guy with a dirty fake dog mask is really-

Shit, that wasn’t Nobunny at all.

-Felicia Jackson

Hit up his myspace here.

*Death by Party does not endorse or condone the use of illegal drug use and any references are fictional for entertainment purposes only.

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