Bindlestiff Legend

scotty the blue bunny

Death by Party | Scotty The Blue Bunny

I met Scott the Blue Bunny once, kind of. He was performing at a club in New York and I had just entered the restroom to ready to unleash a hot torrent of golden piss when he pushed into the room. He was in his full bunny suit that had a blue tutu and little blue sequins up and down his legs and arms. He was wearing super high clear stripper shoes and he hopped up and down on them screaming “a girls gotta go!” as he grabbed his crotch. I was sitting on the only toilet in a doorless stall. He had no choice, he turned away from me and began pissing in the sink. I know that he’s gay, and I didn’t stand a chance, but the sounds of his hot yellow love flowing from his fountain as I was unleashing my own pungent piss drove me wild and I rubbed my nipples through my dress as I watched him stand there. I pictured myself squatting underneath his powerful cock faucet as magic gold bathed me.

So as you can see, Scott the Blue Bunny is a great performer, regardless of whether you are straight, gay or into pee. Be sure to visit his site.

-Annette Garcia

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  1. Lord Wolfington says:

    Oh, but when guy in a fucking wolf costume pisses on stuff, people scream and call the cops. What the fuck?!?!

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