100% More Legs Guaranteed

Humantauria Multi Leg Centaur Fetish

Death by Party | Humantauria (Four Legged Girl Fetish)

Dear Lords of Iniquity and International Finance,

Okay, I know this ongoing debate regarding our corporate anti-bestiality policy must be getting old with you. To recap,  sexy spider-play is okay because spiders aren’t really animals. Big schlonged tiger strippers are okay so long as no physical contact occurs. Facehugger fuckery is NOT okay because face huggers are technically under-age and have a tendency towards non-consensual impregnation.

The question we’ve debating at the water cooler… what about hot chicks who’ve been genetically engineered to look like centaurs?

STOP! I know you’re thinking “Nope, they’re part horse!” But here’s the beauty of the situation… ABSOLUTELY NO FUR, NO HORSE DNA. NADA.  Just 100% natural human DNA engineered to create humans who happen to be shaped like centaurs.

That cool? Because it’s totally hot.

I know you guys are busy with that whole human enslavement project, but if you could get back at me ASAP, I’d appreciate it.

– Jimi Jam


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