Adorable Death Dealer

Hello Kitty AR-15 assualt rifle

Death by Party | The Hello Kitty Rock River Arms Entry Tactical AR-15

The company provides everyone with Ak-47s. That’s all well and good, they’re great no nonsense weapons that never jam and can take a beating. But I always try to beat my meat to a different drummer.

The RRA LAR-15 Entry Tactical, is an AR-15 pattern rifle.  My particular rifle (as pictured above) has a 16? barrel with a 1:9 twist.  I wanted an AR-15 for a while, and was always partial to the Rock River Arms models, but sadly I lived in Cook County, IL, where a ban on so-called “assault weapons” prevented me from “lawfully” owning one.  Luckily, after law school, I found a job in Iowa, where AR-15s are lawful to own, and found one in stock at my local gun store.  As soon as I saw it, I could see that it was truly a beautiful, sexy, well designed & built rifle. I felt the erection grow in my tight cutoff jean shorts. When I reached out and handled the hard cold steel, I thought my throbbing rock hard shaft would explode. This AR-15  has since become one of my most favorite firearms, and one of my dearest friends. I recognized that while my shotguns and handguns have been effective at fending off my bookie and armed ex-girlfriends, their lower magazine capacity wouldn’t do me as much good during periods of prolonged civil unrest (e.g. the LA riots of the 1990’s, the Chicago riots of the 1960’s, the aftermath of the Phillies World Series win in 08). Since I hope to face violent attack by a mob during civil unrest, and since I regularly fire a gun at other human beings, having the AR-15 and a few loaded magazines on hand just makes sense.

-Kevin Dalton

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  1. Lord Wolfington says:

    I prefer the AR-15/M-4 carbine over the AK-47 (of which I have both). It is like comparing a samurai sword to a sledgehammer (of which I also have both). Sure, it is fun to destroy things/people with a sledge, but sometimes you also want to look classy while doing so, especially during civil unrest.

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