There Is A House Wife In Australia Who Has No Idea That She Is A Genius

Death by Party | Wendy Vainity

Everybody knows the Toast love big booty bitches. Besides having more to grip up on, their standards are lower and they try harder. What’s not to love? And so, the other day I was surfing youtube when I came across Australian amateur animator Wendy Vainity’s virtual big ass frolicking around with some orca whales. What happened? Instant blue steel. I pitched a fucking tent so big I could invite the circus. Now, it wasn’t the whales, per se… I’m not one of those freaks like Jimi Jam or Louise LaTease getting my jollies off of being someone who’s dangerously close to pet-fucking. It was more as if the flopping Orcas were merely a backdrop in which a virtual big-assed Wendy Vainity’s sensual curves were accentuated by their presence. This was fucking art… that I could beat it to. As I looked around her channel, not only did I find myself rubbing them out left and right… but there was a surreal quality to her work, that made me feel as if  I spent that last three days smoking meth even though I was just doing poppers and shakey herb. Here are some samples, but check out her channel here: Wendy Vainity -Uncle Wheat Toast

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