Missing Shaye Saint John

Death by Party | And your little Kiki too

Shaye Saint John and her burnt doll Kiki have been missing for over three years now. Like Extreme Elvis, they simply up and vanished from the wondrous world of the web. They left a mountain of disturbing, brain melting video behind, a legacy to madness in art. They also left a hole in my heart that no amount of wine enemas and Percocet snack bowls will fill.

I’ve read she was stolen by the CIA. I’ve read that she was eaten by flies. I’ve read she fell down a well. Of all the demons that inhabit my night terrors, Shaye was the one I most wanted to butt fuck. I mean that in the romantic way, not the brutal prison shower way.

Maybe someday Shaye will return with answers to riddles and forbidden knowledge. Maybe she will never return and her and Kiki will become things of internet legend.

I would rather she come back and help me wash the dishes. Come back Shaye, your glamor is deeply missed.

-Felicia Jackson


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  1. CARL CREW says:


    I worked with Shaye and Eric for over ten years- here is some of the real story- We do hope we will see her again someday…and I w2ill tell you that I recently received a long distance restricted phone call from her and she said the words we had prearranged before she left ( so I know it was really her) and I am greatly relieved that she is ok. The call was only for a few seconds and it did sound very long distance. I have some un released footage of shaye that I wiil be putting out in a new DVD sooon- we have been projecting her Triggers on a 5 story building next to the nightclub I run http://www.ciabnormalarts and you can see pics on facebook/ciabnormalarts
    so glad you appreciate her and Eric they were the two most maximalist artists I have ever worked with! Amen Carl Crew

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