A Haiku To Peaches Christ

Drag Queen Peaches Christ

Death by Party | Sexy corpse

I wrote this after watching every episode of Peaches Christ’s Midnight Mass last night. I have a full nitrous tank installed next to the bed and I got me a hose leading up my nose, and one up my ass just in case. After four hours straight of continuous hippy crack, Peaches started looking like the hottest of angels sent down by god to oil the asses of a thousand big booties.  By the end of the night, things got fuzzy and weird. When I woke up, I found a haiku I had written in peanut butter across my wall, splattered with my man batter.

Big hair peaches Christ
Sweet bloody pervert drag queen
I will fuck your corpse

This got me thinking. It may be a while until this beautiful one lady man entertainment juggernaut of hot pervert sex croaks it and I get to break out the shovel. So in the meantime, I’m gonna get one of those Real Dolls everyone keeps talking about around the office. I’m going to make it custom to look just like Peaches Christ, complete with her big hair and I’m going to oil that ass and make it dance.

Think I’m lyin’?

Be sure to check out her site

-Uncle Wheat Toast

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