Tigers With Giant Dongs, (Lions Too)

Big Cats with huge cocks

Death by Party | Lions And Tigers and…. OH MY!

Dear Unholy Supervisors,

It has come to the attention of some of my co-workers and I that there’s been a clarification in the anti-bestiality policy noting that spiders are not in fact animals, and therefore it is permissible to engage in relations with them. While this is not my particular preference, I would like to applaud the broad mindedness of our leadership.

Some of us would like further clarification on the anti-bestiality policy.

For example, what about sexy lion and tiger strippers with huge cocks?

Yes, I know that lions and tigers are animals, HOWEVER, we would not be engaging in any sort of intercourse or sexual activity with said cats… just stuffing dollar bills in their water bowls and ogling their massive dongs.

Really it’s no different than the married man who stops by the gentleman’s club.

He’s not engaging in ADULTERY… he’s just having fun with the boys. IT’S THE SAME THING.


Please let us know if the above violates company policy ASAP.  It’s Louise’s birthday soon and we need to hire the ‘Talent’.

-Annette Garcia

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