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Lately I’ve been fixated on Real Dolls. They’re scary, fascinating and hot all at the same. I’m sure there are psychiatrists that would have something to say about someone wanting to possess an inanimate woman that you “build” to your specifications. In this day and age, there are still people who consider watching porn or even masturbating to be a form of infidelity. What would those poor repressed souls do if they found a Real Doll sitting on their partners couch. But I think the novelty appeal is wider than most want to acknowledge.  I believe every man, and some women, are secretly fascinated by the Real Dolls. They raise so many questions.

Is fucking a Real Doll cheating?
Can people become emotionally attached to them as the urban goes?
If I opened up a Real Doll brothel, would I get arrested for prostitution?

The prices are dropping fast, (down to $5000 from $10,000 when they came out) they are now making men Real Dolls, she male Real Dolls, alien Real Dolls and Anime Real Dolls.  Soon, they will be affordable for the average pervert to buy. But by then, will it even be considered perverted?

Be sure to check out the Real Doll site

– Jimi Jam

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6 Responses to “Fake Fuck-Real Doll”

  1. iran boy says:

    how i can buy a real doll ?

  2. Jaws says:

    i beat the shit out of that thing

  3. thursday says:

    omg i saw a documentary on these things and this guy would take it out with him in the car and when he got a real girlfriend he invited her to a tea party he had several of them and they were all sitting there…needless to say he didnt hear from her again…

    this other guy had one n he still lived at home with his parents….these guys have to strap them up to the ceiling with hooks



    i cant find it to watch anywhere tho its saying unavailiable

  4. […] I see it going much farther. All roads lead to sex eventually and since Real Doll has perfected flawless synthetic fuck dolls, it’s only a matter of time before we will be […]

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