The Japanese Slapping Game

Death by Party | So stupid, so hot

I’m gonna say it. I think this video is fucking hot. There I admit it. I know, I know. How can I dare take that stand. Dear god I’m setting women’s lib back 50 years. Count down to hate mail. I don’t care. I think there is something really hot about being slapped.

When I say this, I don’t mean in a “bitch you burned my eggs” scenario. But in a sexy rugged man flipping me all over like a rag doll rough sex sort of way or a two hot little tight bodied Japanese girls sort of way. A good smack can really get the blood flowing.

The girl with the suit slaps like she is on a mission to fuck some shit up. She’s like a pimp proving a point. I just wish she would take it to the next level and kiss those poor swollen lips and make it all better.

-Annette Garcia

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