Fucking On Camera Is Punk Rock

Burning Angel Pornstar, Joanna Angel

Death by Party | The Queen Of Smut, Joanna Angel

So, we sat down for our meeting to discuss the possibility of making the launch of our upcoming monthly No Talent Dance Party as a Benefit for Jesse Lee, a popular Burning Angel girl. Louise wasn’t familiar with them. Mr. Black described Burning Angel perfectly. He said, “Burning Angel is to Suicide Girls what Hustler is to Playboy.”

It was the perfect analogy. One is glossy, easily digestible and unoffensive enough for upstanding squares to admit to enjoying, they produce pretty, non-explicit photos and pretty softcore film. The other is gritty, pervy, pushes the envelope and never has problems with stirring up controversy. they do graphic photos and release hardcore. Now which one do you think we prefer? Then Black added, “But Joanna Angel is much nicer to look at than Larry Flint. She’s the reigning queen of indy smut.”

But I think that’s not giving her enough credit. I believe Joanna Angel isn’t just the reigning queen of indy porn,  I would go so far as to say she is all but responsible for it. This beautiful punk rock goddess didn’t just start manufacturing smut, she helped create a sexually charged d.i.y. fuck community that created countless imitators. She’s not just a pretty face, she is a strong, independent entrepreneur and that makes her 10 times hotter than any other adult star.

Be sure to Check out both Joanna’s site and the Burning Angel site

-R.E. Brown

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